I moved to the States about five years ago to go to ad school because, why not? When I’m not laughing hysterically about nothing, you can catch me creeping on Insta, defending my cat, quoting dialogues no one should remember, or having tough conversations strangers on the internet about intersectional feminism. I thought I peaked when I won Cannes Future Lions and accepted an award on the same stage as many of my mentors, but I actually peaked 20 minutes after that when I tripped over nothing and bled so much that I made a little French boy cry.

I’ve since then won the Summit Gold Award, got showcased as a “Rising Star” on Shots Magazine and a featured creative on Drum Mag, shortlisted on Issa Rae’s Pilot writing competition, and served on several juries including the Addy’s and The One Club Bootcamp. But more importantly, I was Mugglenet.com’s Harry Potter fan of the week in 2007.


Not here to make friends, just here to be insta-famous.

P.S. Check out my partner's book here. (SPOILER ALERT: It's mostly the same but somehow edgier)