THE BRIEF: Create a campaign to raise awareness about the launch of Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 among the Kids Choice Awards audience.

THE IDEA: We celebrated the spirit of the KCAs by launching a twitter campaign that let kids choose which ad experience they wanted: the PVZ version or the IRL version. For the PVZ versions, we created epic mini trailers for each new character, then re-enacted those with handmade puppets for the IRL version, to highlight just how much better PVZ is than real life. We also launched a snapchat filter and GIFs. The campaign was so successful, we launched "How To" videos so fans could make their own character puppets. Overall, the campaign garnered over 100 million impressions - and a lot of engagement from fans.

The Twitter Ad Posts:

We used a new Twitter capability that allowed users to respond to a sponsored post with a tweet, that then triggered a new tweet to them serving their chosen ad experience.

Snapchat Filter

Even Kate Hudson (a.k.a my BFF) used it!


We partnered with Popkey and created over 100 original gifs for their mobile keyboard that could be accessed through Facebook Messenger


The how to Video


Art & Copy 

Divya Seshadri

Meghan D O'Neill