THE BRIEF: Lee has been creating work under their tag, Move Your Lee, for years. Create social content that ladders back to Move Your Lee,but with a fresh, relatable spin on it. 

THE IDEA:  We created a campaign called "What Moves You" where we asked America what inspires them, or they are passionate about. By redefining the word move, Move Your Lee now means more than just physical movement. 


I find art to be empowering because, similar to technology, if you have the skill and the time, you can create pretty much anything. It also gives me the capability to create a message about something I’m passionate about. Ever since I was able to hold a pencil in my hand, I’ve been making art. I prefer making portraits — I just love people’s profiles, I love their features, I love the difference in everyone.
— Atlanta B.
My faith kind of sustains me. So, I don’t really trip off stuff. Because it’s like, alright, everything’s working in alignment. Everything will be alright. It’s definitely something that developed over time. I get it from my mom. It’s kind of taught but it’s also lived through experiences. I don’t think faith has to be like this religious thing, I think it’s a matter of keeping hope.
— Joshua W.
I love sharing my love of heavy lifting with female clients, in particular. So many women are intimidated by strength training. More often than not a woman will walk into a gym and beeline towards the cardio machines. That’s because they don’t feel confident or comfortable picking up weights and adjusting a machine. It’s really awesome to be that person to show them the ropes because the feeling of strength is such an incredible and empowering thing and I want all women to experience what it’s like to feel strong.
— Gina B.
My dad was a big baseball fan, so I grew up playing it. It was always fun for me. It’s something that I personally try to incorporate into my life in terms of helping kids realize the enjoyment and benefit of playing sports and being active and living a healthy lifestyle because it’s done so much for me.
— Farid M.
I’m moved by all of the love in my life. I’ve really been working on letting people know that I appreciate them. I was a bottler forever, but now I express myself and tell people when I’m glad they’re in my life. And that feels really good. It was scary at first to talk about my feelings, but now it’s like, you’re gonna hear them whether you want to or not!
— Samantha G.


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